The party branch of the group was established in 2007. Adhering to the party building work concept of "integrating into production and operation, building political advantages, playing a core role, and promoting enterprise development", the company's party branch bases on the reality of the enterprise and explores the "one three three three" party building work method, that is, "one core, three double activities, "Three platforms and three guarantees", focusing on creating the "Wanshan Hongbian" party building brand, and achieving the organic integration of party building work and enterprise development.
  The party branch of the company focuses on solving the hot and difficult issues in enterprise development. Through the establishment of "Party member vanguard gang", "Party member commando team", and thematic activities such as difficult problem research, the party members are guided to play a vanguard exemplary role in the completion of urgent, difficult and dangerous tasks In order to make party building work an important link in the enterprise value chain and an internal driving force for enterprise development.
  The Party branch holds a monthly meeting of branch party members, focusing on the scientific development of the enterprise, guiding party members to make suggestions and suggestions; focusing on strengthening the theoretical construction of the team, using the system of party and enterprise joint meetings to focus on the spirit of the general secretary's series of speeches, the latest national industrial policies, and accelerating the new and old momentum of the group Convert.
  Under the cohesion of the party flag, the Communist Party members and cadres and employees "showed their magical powers through the Eight Immortals", and all the Party members joined hands to overcome the difficulties, keeping the company's development momentum strong. Wanshan Group has always adhered to the guidance of the party flag, transformed the party's organizational resources into enterprise development resources, and transformed the party's organizational advantages into enterprise development advantages. the road.