Wanshan Group's ceramic glaze production uses kiln calcination, with a production scale of 250,000 tons / year, which is the first in the province. The glaze company currently has 2 branches with more than 20 calcining kilns. Kiln production adopts automatic control operation, which reduces the production cost, reduces the labor intensity of workers and improves the product quality. The ceramic glaze products currently produced by the company are of good quality, reasonable price and stable performance. They are sold well in major domestic glaze use bases such as Zibo and Foshan, Guangdong, and attracted customers from Southeast Asian countries and Taiwan, gradually making the company's products enter the international market and obtain Greater visibility.
  Ceramic glaze is generally referred to as glaze, which is a kind of silicate. The glaze applied on ceramics is generally made of quartz, feldspar and clay as raw materials. After grinding and adding water, it is coated on the surface of the green body and passed through a certain temperature. Upon firing and melting, when the temperature drops, a thin glassy layer on the surface of the ceramic is formed. Ceramic glaze can increase the mechanical strength, thermal stability, dielectric strength, and prevent the erosion of liquids and gases, as well as increase the beauty of the porcelain, facilitate washing, and prevent it from being stained by dust.