Wanshan Group invested 1.7 billion yuan in the construction of Wanshan Group's new energy project. The main installations are 265 million cubic meters / year urban gas supply, 150 tons / hour CDQ and waste heat power generation. This project can produce 1.1 million tons of coke, 265 million cubic meters of gas, 606,700 tons of steam, and 225 million degrees of waste heat for power generation.
   Relying on the Group's capital, technology and scale advantages, the new energy sector extends the chemical industry chain vertically, horizontally relies on clean gas and chemical production resources, integrates similar production capacity resources, introduces, absorbs, innovates environmental protection and safety advanced technologies, and forms resource recycling and industrial extension The operating body of the green circular economy is centered on value-added and efficiency-enhancing development of clean energy, creating a new model of transformation and upgrading.