Jinwanshan International Trade is a large-scale comprehensive trading service company specializing in coke, coal, chemical products, citric acid products, building materials, ceramic products and other products. The products are exported to Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Pakistan, the United States, Russia, Saudi Arabia, etc. 60 Many countries and regions. Among them, the annual export volume of high-efficiency water-reducing agent and sodium gluconate exceeds 100,000 tons, the export value is more than 56 million US dollars, and the export value accounts for more than 30% of the total sales of the two products. Long-term service to BASF (BASF), SIKA (Sika), FOSROC (Forsler), MAPEI (horseback), GRACE (Grace) and other internationally renowned companies.
         Relying on Wanshan Group's strong capital, logistics and other resource advantages, Jinwanshan International Trade adheres to the business concept of "specialization, marketization, and internationalization" and strives to build a global partnership to provide customers with high-quality products and services, creating a win-win value.