• Policy philosophy
  • Environmental performance
  •   Under the guidance of the scientific development concept, Wanshan Group has been unswervingly implementing the development strategy of "technologically strong enterprises, talents, strong culture and solid enterprises", adheres to the goal of building a clean production environment-friendly enterprise, and adheres to the path of sustainable development. Relying on scientific and technological progress, continuous independent innovation, increasing investment in environmental protection, implementing target management, comprehensively implementing the "energy saving, emission reduction and low carbonization" project as the "first priority" for building a modern and powerful enterprise, and closely integrating enterprise transformation in accordance with relevant environmental protection policies Upgrade the actual development, and actively promote the application of energy-saving and environmental protection new technologies and new processes. New equipment, continuous implementation of environmental protection and energy-saving technological transformation, comprehensively improve the scientific management level of environmental protection, and realize the organic and harmonious development of corporate and social benefits.
      Wanshan Group has successively adopted an environmental management system to upgrade various environmental protection facilities and energy-saving emission reduction transformation, all of which have reached the latest ultra-low emission requirements and real-time online monitoring. Formulate various environmental protection management systems and environmental protection emergency plans, regularly carry out environmental protection "revealing investigation and reform" activities at all levels, and implement responsibilities at all levels, effectively guaranteeing the continuous improvement and improvement of the Group's clean production, energy conservation and emission reduction.
      In recent years, the Group has invested more than 560 million yuan successively to implement flue gas environmental protection treatment, ground dust removal transformation, VOC comprehensive environmental treatment, stockyard closure projects and other cleaner production projects, continuously improve the level of industrialization, information and clean production, and promote production The whole manufacturing process is automated and clean and intelligent, which realizes green and low-carbon production with comprehensive utilization of resources.