Wan Kite flying, blooming beautifully—Wanshan Group assisted the grand opening of the 37th Weifang International Kite Festival

Release date:2020-09-29 10:14:25

     In the golden autumn of September, Wan Yuan competes for flight. On September 26, the 37th Weifang International Kite Festival opened in the beautiful Binhai. Kite lovers and guests from all over the country gathered in Weifang to fly their dreams together. The unique kite fair is the inheritance of Chinese traditional culture, and it is also a carrier to promote international exchanges and cooperation. It is a stage to showcase urban civilization. It is known as one of the "Top Ten Festivals with the Most International Influence in China".   

    On September 27, with the wind blowing in autumn, Wanshan Group assisted the International Kite Fair by successfully raising the customized giant pilot kite and "Dragon Four Seas" kite to the sky, carrying Wanshan Group's beautiful vision of "innovation driven, hundred years of mountains". Taking off in the wind, attracted a group of on-site flying fans.   

    Colorful kites of different shapes flew into the sky, echoing the kites of Wanshan Group. The blue sky became an ocean of kites, tourists on the ground laughed and chased, and there was a joyous and peaceful atmosphere on the flying field. Wanshan Group uses its unique advantages and charm to help the Weifang Kite Fair to become better and better. The kites fly higher and higher and farther and farther, making the reputation of "World Kite Capital" deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

      During the holding of this International Kite Festival, Wanshan Group actively responded to and fully participated, and made positive contributions to building the cultural name card of the "Hometown of Chinese Folk Literature-Weifang" and enhancing the international reputation of Weifang culture. Weifang Kite Fair has gone through 37 years, and has formed a unique and profound kite culture. Wanshan Group has also gone through 16 years of spring and summer with its unique charm. On the road of future development, Wanshan Group will continue to insist on innovative development, flying higher and higher and better and better like a kite.   

Sixteen years is an important milestone in the development of Wanshan Group
In this new starting point and new journey
I hope that every person from Wanshan
Be a gritty "believer"
Be an unwavering "dream chaser"
Be a promising "pioneer"
Be a "doer" who fights for the day
Actively devote ourselves to the development and construction of "One Hundred Years Wanshan"
Together to write a more glorious new chapter for Wanshan Group

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